why digital?
We use Clo3D's digital clothing technology to create 1 piece using as less ecological resources as possible and reduce the overproduction to 0.
For example, if you want to create 1 experimental sample in reality you need: a lot of mock-up fabric, paper for printing template, a resource of an apparel engineer , a tailor, a designer, time to fittings etc. We can avoid this if we transfer this process in real life to digital space. In drop#7 we just started to use Clo3D clothing development technology and plan to fully automate the clothing development process in the future.
Also you can afford more complex and Art pieces that you’re not ready to wear in real life but would really like to get a cool photo on Instagram. So, you can send us your photo on any background and we will "put on" the product on it. You can also order any our digital product in reality by pre-order. The production time for any product is from 10 working days.
This format is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. Below are examples of how it looks like.