why pre-order?
We produce and buy much more clothes than we need. An entire garbage truck of textiles is thrown away and burnt every second.

Meanwhile, pre-order fashion exclude overproduction and reduces the carbon footprint. It also helps small manufacturers to focus on quality over quantity.

Therefore, we produce exactly as much as you need and always care about your wishes. So you can shop more consciously and get truly unique things.

  • Your order will be ready in 10-15 working days. We always try to do it faster, but everything depends on the item complexity.

  • We use only stock fabrics and sometimes they run out. In this case we always offer an alternative.

  • You can use an atelier option and sew any of our products according to your fit or from another fabric. Atelier services are calculated individually: approximately + 15-25% per peace.

  • If you have any figure features please inform us. We will definitely take care of it. If it's not too complex we'll do it for free.